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Patterns for quilts, real and virtual, some crafty bits and some Christmas stuff

Welcome to the Virtual Quilter's Pattern Place

I am a quilter who designs way more quilts than I can ever make,

and I am crazy enough to spend the time writing instructions

in the hope that someone may want to buy and try a the patterns.

If they do, and they make them up, and they send me a photo of the finished quilt,

and they are the first to do so, they get boasting rights as the

first person

ever to make that particular pattern.

I write instructions for some of my real quilts too.

 All patterns offered in PDF format.

If you are interested in seeing the sort of quilts I design visit

Virtual Quilter's blog

If you are interested in what I have actually made visit

my other blog.

I am starting small so that hopefully I will survive the trauma of offering my designs to a big wide world and so I can teach myself on the job all the stuff I need to learn.

At this point I am taking baby steps, one pattern at a time!

Happy Quilting

Judy  B


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